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Reversing the H-1B Denial Trend: H-1B Denial and RFE Review

Episode Summary

There have been major regulatory changes in the immigration industry. We are seeing a lot of companies having a hard time adapting to policy changes as their approach is almost identical to what it was before. We want to show our approach and strategies upfront by inviting companies to submit initial H-1B visa petitions, denials, requests for evidence (RFEs) and any employment documents for us to evaluate. Analyzing the process companies are using allows us to make a written determination and show how we are submitting H-1B petitions to get over 95% approval. In the long run, this saves a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent preparing and analyzing the process.

Episode Notes

Upload H-1B Denials and RFEs to see if we can do better!

Often, since companies aren’t in the immigration industry, they either do not know about the changes or do not know how to change what they are doing. Companies end up submitting the same sort of cases as before, and it just doesn’t work.

We analyze the policies, the regulations, and write briefs. We go over, with companies, how they decide the job title and description. Then we look to see whether they meet the qualifications regarding pay and duties. If we can see how they've done it before, we can tell them how we would do it and if that would be better.

We're using different techniques to comply with the new policies. We're taking approaches that highlight and dig into the real evidence.

We can put our experience to work for you by evaluating your process, RFEs, and denials to determine if OnlineVisas.com can do a better job. Then we'll follow up with a free strategy session and show you how to get more approvals.

Episode Transcription

David Kelso:        Hi there. Welcome to another episode of OnlineVisas.com: The Immigration Show. I'm your host, Dave Kelso. Here with me today, CEO of OnlineVisas.com, Mr. Jon Velie. Jon, how are you, sir?

Jon Velie:          I'm great, Dave. How are you?

David Kelso:        Well, I'm excited to be here today because I think that you are... Well, I think OnlineVisas.com has an offer that is going to move the immigration ball forward.

Jon Velie:          Sure.

David Kelso:        There had been a lot of changes in H-1Bs and if you look through the news, you see H-1B numbers are going way, way down, approval ratings going way, way down. I understand that OnlineVisas.com has an offer for companies that could really change that.

Jon Velie:          Yeah. We'd really like to show our approach. We always offer free strategy sessions to go over with the companies and the individuals about the visa. But what we're offering now, if they click here or go to OnlineVisas.com, is to upload their denials, their requests for evidence, and their process. What do they submit? The initial petition, it can be a cover letter. We use a brief. Many use a cover letter. They have employment documents and things like that. We want to see how they're doing it so that we can show them how we do it. It's not-

David Kelso:        Oh, okay. All right. Let's take a look at how you're doing it, and we'll show you how the professionals do it.

Jon Velie:          Well, I think professionals are doing it in other ways as well, but I think we've thought a lot about how can we better the odds of getting the visa. We analyze the policies, the regulations, we write briefs. Sometimes we'll have experts analyze things. We go over, with companies, how they decide what kind of job it's going to be and if they meet those qualifications regarding pay, duties, all of those different things. If we can see how they've done it before, we can tell them how we would do it and if that would be better.

Jon Velie:          Go to OnlineVisas, upload these documents, and we'll come back with a written determination and follow that up with a strategy session and show them how we can maybe do a better job and improve those approvals.

David Kelso:        Because I would imagine that spending time preparing, spending time looking at the process, how you're doing things, probably saves a lot of time and a lot of money in the long run, doesn't it?

Jon Velie:          Well, what we've seen, historically, H-1Bs had a very high approval rating through 2016. It was an 88% approval rating. It dropped to 59%. There was a lot of shock and "gotcha" in that first year. But then some policy memos came out and some things started changing. But a lot of companies are still having a hard time with that and we're seeing that the approach that they're taking is almost identical to what it was before. We've had regulatory changes in our industry. Our industry is the immigration industry. The companies aren't in the immigration industry, so they don't know what these regulatory changes are or how they should change it. They're putting in the same sorts of cases as before.

Jon Velie:          We're doing it differently. We're doing a lot of different approaches that can really highlight and really dig into what the real evidence is. The real evidence can be vendor agreements or statements of work. It can be master services agreements and the language that is in those. It can be the process in which petitioners, which are the companies, are conversing or discussing the work with their employees, especially if their employees are at other sites. There are techniques that we've used to help meet the memorandum, the way that this administration wants to look at it. We're seeing a really high approval rating for that and we'd love to help.

David Kelso:        If you want to put his experience to work for you and come get ahold of OnlineVisas.com, have them take a look at your process, have them take a look at your RFEs, your denials, see if OnlineVisas.com can do it better for you, how do we get ahold of you?

Jon Velie:          Well, go to OnlineVisas.com. We're getting over a thousand people a day coming to the site. You can have a strategy session there. You can download a copy of our book. This one here. You can upload the documents to have us review them. Any number of things you can do by going there. On that site is information on how to email me. But if you want to, Jon@velielaw.com. Or give us a call, (405) 310-4333. Anyway, love to talk to you about what you're doing and how you're doing it and making a better situation.

David Kelso:        If you want to keep up with online immigration information and OnlineVisas.com, follow us on Facebook. You can like us on YouTube or like us on Facebook and follow us on YouTube or on LinkedIn as well. But all the links are here on the page.

Jon Velie:          Yeah. Subscribe to our Immigration Show.

David Kelso:        Yeah. Absolutely. Come watch us every time you can. Questions, comments, concerns, please leave them below. Thanks for watching OnlineVisas.com: The Immigration Show.

Jon Velie:          Take care.